What You Need To Know About Birkenstocks Shoes

Birkenstocks shoes have been designed in such a way that they mold to the form of a foot naturally which allows for all-round support and movement. The footbed in these shoes has been created to distribute weight evenly for maximum comfort. This makes the Birkenstock brand one of the healthiest choices in shoes.

When Birkenstocks shoes were first introduced onto the UK markets, it was originally launched by The Natural Shoe store. Over the years the brand has gained significant popularity which has gone on to become one of the mainstream brands that continues to gain widespread loyalty. Their very first catalogue for mail orders began in the year 1994 which soon followed the very first dedicated Birkenstock store which was located at 37 Neal Street in the area of Convent Garden. Today this store can be found at 24 Neal Street.

The Construction Behind The Birkenstock Shoes

The unique construction and superior quality materials in these shoes offer comfort, durability along with lasting appeal. The concept behind the Birkenstock brand is easy to understand when considering aspects such as the shape of feet along with the mechanics involved in walking. Every contour in the Birkenstock foot beds has been placed with precision to allow for the natural movement, stretch and flex. The feet can only benefit from improved circulation, constant exercise and free movement which results in better health and constant comfort. Here is the construction that goes into the Birkenstocks shoes:

•The Footbed Edge

The edge has been elevated with the purpose of protecting the toes

•The Toe Bar

Has been designed to guide the toes which encourages the rolling an natural movement of the feet

•Cross Arch Support

This design assists in shifting the pressure from the middle part of the foot to the front

•Suede Leather Lining

This material is responsible for creating a foot climate that is healthy around each foot

•Outer And Inner Longitudinal Arch Supports

Offers foot support along with providing stability for the heels

•Deep Heel Cup

Maintains the profile of the heel and offers each foot with a firmer hold

•Cork Latex Footbed

The footbed material offers extreme flexibility that result in high levels of comfort

All the materials used in the Birkenstock brand are high-quality whether they happen to be animal free or leather. The leather used in the uppers of these shoes is around 3mm thick and extremely supple. The brand values the properties of natural leather and avoids the use of any artificial dyes.