The Common Types of Rhinoplasty NYC Procedures

Rhinoplasty NYCNose reshaping is basically categorized into two procedures; closed or internal rhinoplasty and open or external rhinoplasty. In an open rhinoplasty procedure, a horizontal incision is done on the skin which gives access to the cartilage of the nose tip. The advantage of an external or open rhinoplasty procedure is that it provides better access to various nasal structures. The downside is that there’s a possibility of light scarring. A closed or internal rhinoplasty on the other hand is done entirely within the nose. However, it is more technical and calls more dexterity than the external procedure.

With the external procedure, the rhinoplasty NYC surgeon can view the nose cartilage and other nasal structures more easily as compared to the closed approach. The practitioner can, therefore, make changes easily with more precision and control. An external rhinoplasty procedure is usually preferred for more complicated procedures like a severely damaged nasal structure and more sophisticated nasal deformities. Other situations where a surgeon may opt for external rhinoplasty include treating a pinched, droopy or projected tip and a bulbous tip.

Internal or closed rhinoplasty is often chosen for little changes that can be achieved without direct access or viewing of the nasal structures. In this procedure, all the incisions are done within the nose. The whole process is done through the narrow openings in the nostrils. The rhinoplasty NYC specialist confronts some technical elements and significant limitations that are caused by the lessened access to the nasal cavity.

Ideally, internal rhinoplasty has its advantages over the external procedure. The surgical procedure takes less time, the patient experiences less swelling, and it heals faster. There’s also no scarring on the outer part of the nose. On the flip side, there is limited access to the nasal structure and lessened direct visibility. If your chosen surgeon opts to use the external method and are concerned about the possibility of scarring, you may want to ask for before and after pictures before deciding to undergo the operation.

When deciding on whether to use closed or open rhinoplasty, the most important things to consider is the experience and comfort of the potential NYC surgeon. As a patient, it is crucial that you choose a cosmetic surgeon that you respect and have confidence in. The plastic surgeon will then settle for the most appropriate method to approach your condition. If you have chosen the right practitioner, just follow their lead and you will certainly be satisfied with the results of the operation.