Is Egg Donation Right For You?

If you are a healthy woman who is still ovulating regularly, you might sometimes wonder if egg donation is right for you. This is where you would provide some of your healthy egg cells to a fertility clinic that would then use them to help out couples trying to have children that are reproductively challenged. It’s a chance for women who want to make a little money help out other women who want to have or raise kids but are unable to use their own egg cells for many different reasons.

The market value for egg donation varies quite a bit based on circumstances, the number of eggs, background information, and location. However, it’s reasonable to expect $8,000 to $10,000 for a healthy donation. Some times, amounts might go as high as $14,000 to $16,000 for the right set. Many clinics also provide at least a thousand of compensation should the donation cycle not work out if it is not your own fault. The harvesting and donation process is not foolproof.

Age restrictions apply, but vary from one clinic to the next. They ideally look for women in their twenties, although exceptions and variations in policies at some places will take egg donations from women as young as 18 and as old as 35. Teenagers are never allowed to donate.

It is possible that you simply never get matched, even if you look into this. Most clinics run an application and interview process. Their goal is not just finding healthy donors, but also matching them up with particular clients. It’s not simply a matter of donating egg cells and getting paid for each one that goes into a larger stockpile. Even if you are initially matched up, the donation cycle might also get cancelled. The whole process can take a few months.

Injections and appointments are par for the course. You’ll need to do regular hormone injections in order to produce the most eggs possible in one cycle of ovulation, and multiple visits to the clinic to see a physician will need to take place.

If you choose to do so, you can remain completely anonymous to the couple that receives your egg or egg cells. They’ll know certain characteristics about you, but your actual name and identity can be withheld from them. There can be a simplicity and peace of mind to this arrangement.