Found Prescription Sports Glasses For Sale Online

My son plays basketball and wears glasses. Last year he was in 3rd grade and wore his normal glasses. This year another mom recommended getting prescription sports glasses for him. She said her nephew has them and they work out much better for the kids. I decided to look into getting these and called the eye doctor to make an appointment for him.

We went into the appointment and I let the doctor know I was interested in prescription sports glasses. He showed me what they had available and told me what they cost. Since they were a little expensive I wanted to look into some different options. I asked for the prescription and he gave it to me.

I went home and called my sister on the phone. I had remembered her saying that she ordered glasses online and I wanted to ask her which website she got them from. She told me the name of the website and said she got a really great price on them. I went to the website and searched around to see which sports glasses they had to choose from. I was really shocked at the prices I saw there. They were just a fraction of the price that the doctor had them priced at. I added the ones I wanted to get him to the cart and added his prescription to the order.

It only took a week to get the glasses in the mail. He tried them on and said he liked the way they fit and that he could see ok with them. He was excited to have these glasses instead of wearing the regular glasses. He said they slipped off a good bit and these were going to be much better.

After a few practices and his first game, he told me he liked these a lot. I couldn’t believe what a great deal I got on them when I ordered them online. I will get glasses from this website when I need to get them again. It was easy to find glasses and they had a huge selection to choose from. I am going to get my prescription so I can get new glasses too. I need to get some anyways and if I can get them from this website, I will be able to save a good bit of money on them.